Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Picking the right homeschool curriculum

As a new homeschool Mom, I put a ton of time into picking the correct curriculum.  Is it fun enough?  Is it educational enough?  Does it share God's love enough?  Is it organized enough for me?  Can I teach both kids similar things at the same time?  Oh boy, oh boy!  There are SO many options.

I cannot tell you the number of different curriculums I've researched.  I was so overwhelmed and really just sat down and prayed that I would pick the right one for my kids and myself.  The answer to my prayer really shocked me...  It doesn't matter!  

As long as I like the layout, it really doesn't matter which one I pick.  My kids will get a quality education either way.  I am the one to make it fun.  I am the one to share God's love.  I am the one to the answer to all of my questions.

So... when picking a curriculum, don't stress!  Pick something that has the same values as you do.  Pick something that is organized the way you like, then stick with it.  I finally settled on My Father's World.  I have a few good friends that use MFW, I like the values, and I also enjoy the organization.

Here we are, jumping in feet first.  I couldn't be more excited to start this year with a Kindergartner and First Grader!  I am sure it will be fun and challenging, but I am really looking forward to it!

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