Saturday, March 15, 2014

A better popcorn

Just like any family, we love snuggling together on the sofa and watching a movie together.  One of our favorite parts of family movie night is POPCORN!  There are many ways to get delicious popcorn.  We've started popping our corn in our new stainless steel popcorn popper from Cook N Home with a little coconut oil.  It is amazing.  The freshness, the coconut oil hint, and the healthiness of it makes it such a fun treat.

Our family tries to never use the microwave, so a stove top popper was a great choice for us.  There are 2 major kinds of poppers - stainless steel and aluminum.  Aluminum is cheaper and lighter, but it can leach into the popcorn and then ingested in our bodies.  Stainless steel is the way to go, not only is is healthier and easier to clean, it is more sturdy, and looks much nicer.

We sprinkle our freshly popped popcorn with some Himalayan salt and enjoy a yummy treat!  We've also experimented with maple syrup added to the corn before it pops and it makes kind of a kettle/caramel corn.  It is amazing!  What is your favorite homemade popcorn recipe?

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