Monday, February 10, 2014

Omlet Qute

We had been talking often about getting Tink and Bean a "classroom" pet for their homeschool room.  I did a lot of research and we decided to get gerbils.  I was disappointed though when looking for cages.  They were all very small, wildly colorful, and not very toddler-proof.  Then I stumbled on the Omlet Qute.   Tink received "the best present ever" (her words) for her 5th birthday.  Omlet very graciously sent us their amazing Qute hamster/gerbil cage to review.  We couldn't wait to get it set up.  I think I was a little more excited about the cage than I was about the actual gerbils. 

This cage is more like a piece of furniture.  It is sturdy, attractive, and very easy to clean.  As a first time rodent owner, I was very skeptical on how "easy" this was to keep up.  I have been very pleasantly surprised.  Not only can I trust that the kids aren't going to break it because of how sturdy it is, I also don't have to worry about our dogs getting into it.  Del has shown a little too much interest in the gerbils, but the cage is wonderful for viewing without letting Del get too close.  

Once a week, Tink and I empty the big clear bin while Marshmallow and Rosemary (Tink named them) are happily confined at the top of the cage.  After emptying the bin, we simply rinse it out, dry it off, and add fresh bedding.  It is really simple.  

Every morning Tink feeds Rosemary and Marshmallow all by herself.  During school time, Tink loves to sit at her desk right next to the cage and watch them play.  Every evening Tink takes the bin out of the bottom and  lets the gerbils run across her hands. Having the Qute makes taking care of our classroom pets very enjoyable.  I honestly have nothing negative to say about it. It looks great, our gerbils are very happy, and we love how stylish it is.

You can find out more and purchase a Qute as well as other great animal cages from the Omlet website here.

Thank you to Omlet for sending the Qute cage as a complementary gift for the purposes of this review. The comments and opinions are honest and genuine.

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