Monday, February 24, 2014

Magnesium Gummies.

Who doesn't like gummies?  I am always trying to find fun and creative ways to keep my children healthy and these magnesium gummies are are so easy to make!  Magnesium is so important in our bodies and most people are deficient in magnesium.  To read more about the benefits of magnesium any why it's so important for us look here.  

My ingredients:
  • 3T grass fed gelatin (I use this)
  • 5T natural magnesium supplement (I use this)
  • Silicone mold (I got mine on sale at Michaels for less than a dollar)
  • 1T raw honey
  • Pinch of salt
  • 3/4 cup of water

In a large glass bowl add 3/4 c of cold water.  Very slowly add the magnesium powder (it will fizz so do this slowly as you want as little foam as possible).  

In a small saucepan add the water/magnesium mixture and before turning the heat on add the gelatin and allow it to bloom into wrinkles for 2-3 minutes. If there are any bits of white powder sitting on top of the wrinkles, whisk them in while the mixture is still cold.

Turn the burner on low/medium and it will start to As your mixture heats up, it will begin to liquify. Once it does, add in honey and salt to dissolve. Avoid whisking it too much, or it’ll start to foam up just like it did when you added the magnesium powder. If it does, that’s okay, just let the foam sit for a few minutes and it’ll calm down.

Pour everything into a glass measuring cup with a pour spout and fill up the silicone molds.  Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.  Peal the gummies out of the silicone and enjoy (not too many as magnesium as a laxative effect).  

Store the remaining in the refrigerator, they should last months if properly stored.

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