Thursday, January 2, 2014

Congestion Miracle

The title might sound a bit extreme, but when you have sick little children and something works... I'd say that's quite the miracle!  Poor Bean was quite sick over the last few weeks.  He had a horrible cough and a lot, I mean a LOT of congestion.  We were waking up 10+ times a night with him just trying to settle his cough down and get rid of the congestion.  I tried everything from steam showers, humidifier, the dreaded nosefridia, homeopathy, and essential oils.  Nothing was giving him the relief he needed.

I am a huge advocate of essential oils.  I am even a distributor of a very well known brand.  I tried multiple different oils with very minimal results.  I heard about Breathe by doTERRA and wanted to try it.  My sister is a doTERRA distributor so I was able to get one quickly.  I put a drop of the Breathe on my hand as well as a dab of coconut oil and rubbed Bean all over his chest and back.  This was the start of something I am so excited about.  Bean coughed twice that night... TWICE!  We just went from 10+ times to 2!  I thought to myself... well, maybe he's just getting better... I am going to try putting him to bed without Breathe on him.

B-A-D idea!!!!  He woke up 3 times before 10pm, and I immediately put Breathe and coconut oil back on his chest.  He slept soundly for hours before waking up coughing.  I am a huge believer!  I also have been diffusing Breathe at night next to our bed (Bean sleeps smack in the middle of us) and it's amazing how much our sinuses open up instantly!  If you're questioning the jump into essential oils, I urge you to just try one or two, you won't be disappointed!


  1. I make my own EO version of Breathe for my kiddos when they are all congested and it's amazing how effective it is! Who would have thought nature provides us with everything we need to live a healthy life!?