Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Morning goods

I've always made sure my kids get lots of fruits and vegetables every day, but is it really enough?  Are they getting all the nutrition they need?  Our morning routine keeps me more at ease about their diets.  Although this is not a "cure all" or a substitution for fruits and vegetables, it is a really nice way to ensure they are getting their daily vitamins and minerals.

We've been using these 3 products since Tink was little.

  • Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood (Berry)
  • Garden of Life RAW Kids Probiotics
  • Nordic Naturals Berry Flavored Cod Liver Oil

We mix all 3 of the above into a super yummy (Tink's words) morning juice.  The probiotics are the best I've found for kids.  It really aids in digestion and keeping their immune systems strong.  The cod liver oil is wonderful, it helps their brain development, skin, hair, oh so many wonderful things.  The kids love it, I love that they're getting what they need, and their immune systems are working wonderfully.  

I recently got these amazing Mason Jar cups with stainless steel straws for their morning juice, and I couldn't love them more!  The kids love them!  I am so happy they aren't drinking out of plastic and the straws are amazing.  Not only are they reusable but they aren't full of chemicals like plastic straws are.  They are at a great price, and the quality cannot be beat!  


  1. Thanks for the link tot he straws! I just ordered some. I've been looking for an alternative to plastic or paper.

    1. I am so glad you ordered some! They are so nice, I am sure you'll love them!