Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Frozen Bubbles

I read about blowing bubbles in the freezing cold and how cool it is when they freeze and burst in the air.  Our homeschool project today... blowing frozen bubbles.  We made our own bubble solution, put on a million layers, took off Bean's million layers to go potty, put back on Bean's million layers after using the restroom, and trucked outside in the -2° weather.

We didn't get the hang of it until we were nearly popsicles, but it was really cool!  The bubble solution froze almost instantly on the wand.  We would quickly blow into the wand, and it was already frozen.  We found if we swiftly shook the wand back and forth it would create occasional bubbles.  Out of those occasional bubbles only a few would last floating and then popping because they were actually frozen.  It was neat to watch, but nearly impossible to capture when taking photos.  We'll try again once Daddy comes home, but until then - you'll just have to use your imagination and enjoy some cute photos!

I love Bean's rosy cheeks and wild hat hair!

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