Thursday, January 16, 2014


We each brush our teeth at least 730 times a year.  Most kids (mine included) don't spit out the toothpaste... they eat it.  I've read the dangers in fluoride, glycerin, and foaming agents.  I know they aren't good.  Fluoride can cause tooth discoloration, acute poisoning, skin rashes, impaired glucose metabolism,  and toxicity.  Not something I want my children ingesting.  Many natural dentists say glycerin film on teeth can prevent the teeth from being able to remineralize thereby weakening the teeth. Foaming agents such as SLS are said to have a drying effect on the mouth which can increase mouth acidity. These chemicals are also known to cause membrane disruption and trauma in the mouth leading to canker sores. 

We've been so happy to find Earthpaste.  Earthpaste delivers all the benefits you expect from a toothpaste without any chemicals or unnatural additives. Earthpaste is safe to eat. Each ingredient has been used to support healthy systems. Not only do the kids love the taste (Lemon Twist is their personal favorite) but I've noticed a huge difference in the look of their teeth.  Bean had a bit of discoloration on his bottom front teeth.  Since using Earthpaste his teeth are beautifully white.  I cannot say enough about Earthpaste, not only does it work, my kids love it and I have peace of mind.  Have you tried Earthpaste?  What's your favorite flavor?

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